Filtration Technology

The New FILTREC Technology for filter elements, comes from three decades of experience within filter element construction. Steady, enthusiastic R&D activity, paying close attention to customers requirements & feedback.


The ultimate filtration technology become a reality… Less power consumption, Money Saving, ECO-friendly

For several years Filtrec has anti ESD products in its range but now customers can also rely on our new ABSOLUTE BETA | SPARK BUSTER technology, which provides anti-static protection that not only reduces the electrostatic discharge but also enables excellent filtration in extremely critical systems.

A wide range of Filtrec filter elements can be manufactured with ABSOLUTE BETA |H2O, in addition, ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O PLUS can be an effective water absorption configuration of separating water from
hydraulic fluids and at the same time an optimal filtration of solid particles.

This has led Filtrec to the creation of ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA a synthetic fibre media, designed especially for our return filter range, that ensure a lower pressure drop, which makes it suitable for high-viscosity oil and/or in presence of high temperature variations, it guarantee reliable operability of your mobile machine.