New FH050 Series

Are you looking for a green alternative? Filtrec has the solution!

The theme of green technology and sustainability is a hot topic in many fields and applications, not only due to the increased sensitivity of users but also dictated by new regulations that suggest adopting solutions that are environmentally friendly.

To ensure this market request, the idea of proposing an alternative solution to the classic spin-on was taken into account.

The new F050 series is an inline filter for operating pressure up to 50 bar, flow rate up to 400 l/min.

This series is suitable for use on suction, return, or pressure line. Available in three sizes, where dedicated filter elements from the DMD series are supplied with a bypass valve.

The simple and compact design allows good performance with a cost-effective product.

The lower environmental impact is ensured by the possibility of replacing the filter element only during maintenance, making the process easier. Consequently, it is necessary to dispose of the filter element only, especially in this period known for the shortage of raw material.


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